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Saturday, July 25, 2009


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Hi Andy. What actions are taken on your switch when, processing a reverse, the target transaction is still in progress?

Hi Federico -

I assume you're talking about a host-based reversal here...

Yes, the target transaction is still in process.

When the QueryHost participant times out, the Mux takes the request off the "awaiting response" list. We log the transaction as timed-out (a special result code of ours) and send the appropriate response back to the originator.

If the transaction requires a reversal, we SAF it at that point.

If the authorizer comes in with a late response, our 'Late Reply Handler' posts a warning message to our Syslog.

Andy, is there some indication on what Message Type should be used for a Void transaction.

I was contemplating between a 0400 or 0420 but your statement that voids should be treated as force approval gives me the feeling it needs to be a 0420. Is my understanding correct?


Thanx for your info. we also have another transaction which is called CANCELATION. I myself think that this transaction is a Reversal which could be initiated by the merchant before clearing (A Manual Reversal) and is not happens according to a time out. Am I correct? it would be pleasure if you help me in this subject.

Hi -

You're correct. That's a Void - As you note, a manual reversal instead of a system-generated one. Internally on a switch, it's mapped similarly...with the sole exception being that sometimes the authorization wants a reason code. Like, how FDR does it: http://screencast.com/t/0Z9XEuLg6


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